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 Progressive Classes 

 How will gymnastics benefit my child?  

Our program develops group interaction, friendship, dedication, and determination through the sport of gymnastics. Gymnastics improves gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and instills self-confidence, discipline, and provides a quality athletic experience with the importance of having fun!  Gymnastics improves overall physical development that will allow gymnasts, both boys and girls, be able to excel in any other sport of interest both recreationally and competitively.  Almost all of our competitive gymnasts are on the honor roll at school due to the discipline, work ethic, and goal-achieving values that we instill in our athletes.


 What age can my child start gymnastics?  

Cutting Edge Gymnastics offers gymnastics lessons starting at preschool age.  We recommend that children do not start until they are at least 3 years old, however, readiness to start our program is dependent on each child’s maturity and listening skills. We recommend starting children at a young age because they tend to learn quicker and have decreased fear.  Children MUST be toilet trained before entering our program and will be expected to follow directions for safety purposes.  We are an instructional facility that teaches your child gymnastics, a very athletic sport that will benefit your child in many ways as listed above.



 What should my child wear to gymnastics?  

Girls:   should wear a leotard or tight fitted clothing.  Please do not wear loose shorts or pants as they can interfere with the gymnastic apparatuses. Biker/tight fitting shorts are acceptable. Hair should be pulled back into a ponytail if possible. No jewelry or tights that cover the feet should be worn.

Boys:   should wear a t-shirt and a pair of cotton shorts.

*No jeans, jean shorts, skirts, skorts, or baggy clothing should be worn as it is a safety hazard    to the gymnast and coaching staff.  All students should be barefoot.



 How do I know at what level to start my child? 

Children are divided into classes based on age and skill level.  If your child is 3-4 years, they should be registered for our preschool program called Tumble Tots.  All other children should register for Level 1: Rising Stars unless otherwise advised from the coaching staff.  Each child will be observed during the first class and if the coaching staff feels the child would be better challenged in a different class, the parents will be notified.  Gymnasts in the progressive program (Level 1-3) will be evaluated at the end of each session and a form will be sent home with each child listing the recommended level to register for the next session.



 My daughter is a cheerleader and wants to learn tumbling for competitions.  Can she just work on the floor exercise? 

Cutting Edge Gymnastics offers both recreational and competitive gymnastics, therefore when a child enters the program they must participate with the entire class on all four Olympic events.  We do not currently offer just a tumbling class, however, all gymnastics events can improve skills in all areas necessary to enhance cheering abilities such as strength, flexibility, balance, and agility that will help improve tumbling skills, jumps, dancing, and stunting.

 How do I enroll my child in a class? 

It is very important that you enroll for our classes on our website under the Registration tab.  This allows us to maintain important information about your child along with preparing for classes with the appropriate staff.  Registration should be completed by a legal parent or guardian.  Your payment is due on the first day of the session and it will be received at the registration table in the lobby of our facility.

There is a $5 discount per session for each additional sibling entering the program.



 What does it take to be on team? 

At Cutting Edge Gymnastics, we offer a girls Competitive Team.  Gymnasts must complete level 3: Shooting Stars of the program or equivalent experience to be considered for a spot on the competitive team.  Our year round program has instructors evaluating class students on a consistent basis looking for a certain set of skills.  Once instructors have seen those skills mastered, the gymnast will be invited onto the team during the off-season, with the exception of gymnasts entering the program with previous competitive experience.

Gymnastics, unlike other sports, is year round.  Being a part of the competitive team requires a large time and financial commitment from the gymnast and her family.  More information will be provided at the time of invitation.



 Are family/ friends allowed to watch? 

Yes, we currently allow you to watch in the bleachers during progressive classes.  However, we DO NOT allow spectators on the gym floor for any reason, unless escorted, due to safety and liability reasons.  Although we allow you to observe class we ask that you respect our time with your gymnast and keep the noise level to a minimum and keep young children off of the gym floor as well-this includes gymnasts from other classes.  They should not to be practicing or attempting skills while waiting for their class or sibling.

We ask that you remain in the 2nd bleacher and above due to the layout of our facility, the vault runway must be placed in front of the bleachers and if spectators remain on the bottom bleacher, they are putting vaulting gymnasts at risk.

Once a child is called down from the bleachers to start class, they are our responsibility and it is important to maintain their focus as much as possible.  They will be expected to stay on the gym floor during classes unless they have permission for a drink or facility break.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have a question for the coach or a payment to make, please take care of the matter before or after your child’s class.  Please do not disrupt any of the coaching staff during instruction.


 Other students in the class seem to be progressing faster than my child.  Is there anything I can do to help my child? 

Many factors influence a child’s ability to learn gymnastics skills.  Strength, maturity, listening skills, flexibility, body awareness and other factors determine a student’s progress in class.  You can help your child with regular attendance in class, encouraging active listening skills and by encouraging other fitness activities outside of class.  Keep in mind that all children learn at their own pace to put together all the necessary factors to accomplish a skill.

 Competitive Team 


 What is my daughter’s competing age at competitions? 

In USAG, competing age is determined by that level’s state competition.  Whatever age your gymnast is at the state meet will be the age they compete the entire season.  However, PA does not offer a state meet for Level 2. Therefore, Level 2 gymnasts will compete at the age they are at during that specific competition.


  How does my daughter qualify for States? 

Your daughter must be a Level 3 or higher to be eligible to qualify for the state competition.  Gymnasts must reach an all-around score designated by USAG at a sanctioned competition. (There are no PA sectional competitions offered at any level)

2012-2013 USAG PA State Qualifying Scores:

Level 2:           No State Competition                                 

Level 3:           34.00                                                               Level 7:           33.00

Level 4:           34.00                                                               Level 8:           32.00

Level 5:           32.00                                                               Level 9:           32.00

Level 6:           33.00

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