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Preschool (girls and boys: ages 3-4)

The opportunity for your child to get a head start on fitness.  This class focuses on development of large & small motor skills.  The young children work on all the fundamentals of gymnastics including Strength, Flexibility & Coordination.  The children also learn important social skills within a structured environment.  All gymnastics events will be introduced at this level.

5 week session – $65

40 minutes

Wednesday – 4:30-5:10

Children must be toilet trained before entering the program.



Beginner (girls and boys: ages 5 and up)

This is the first class of our progressive program.  The emphasis is on body awareness and skill development on all of the women’s Olympic events. The gymnasts are introduced to beginner skills on the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise – as well as work on basic Strength, Flexibility, Coordination.   Gymnasts can expect to learn cartwheels, handstands, rolls, bridges, headstands as well as the equivalent beginner level skills on the various equipment.  All gymnasts entering the program must start at this level and will be advanced through the program as necessary.

5 week session – $65

40 minutes

Wednesday - 4:30 - 5:10

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Intermediate (girls and boys: ages 5 and up)

With completion of level 1, the second step in the progressive program, this class will develop the foundation skills learned in the beginner class and increase their skill level on all of the Olympic events.  More emphasis is placed on strength & flexibility to make the skills more attainable.  Gymnasts can expect to improve skills learned in Level 1 along with learning round offs and bridge kick-overs, as well as the equivalent Intermediate level skills on all 4 events.

5 week session – $70

60 minutes

Tuesday 4:30-5:30




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Advanced & Non-Competitive (girls and boys: ages 5 & up)


With completion of level 2, this class builds on the foundations of the progressive program learned in Level 2.  This class focuses on the more advanced skills in preparation for creating routines on each event.   A large emphasis is placed on strength & flexibility to make the skills more attainable.  The gymnasts at this level can expect to improve skills learned in level 2 along with learning running round offs, handstand forward rolls, back pike rolls, back handsprings, and advanced skills on all 4 events.  This is perfect for the gymnast that has an interest in competitive gymnastics.

5 week session - $70

60 minutes

Tuesday 4:30-5:30




  COMPETITIVE TEAM – (Invitation Only)  

(girls: ages 5 and up)

With completion of Level 3: Shooting Stars, the Cutting Edge Gymnastics Team is focused on advanced gymnastics skills put into choreographed routines for competition.  Cutting Edge supports USAG XCEL.  Gymnasts are trained on all 4 gymnastic apparatuses in preparation for USA Gymnastics sanctioned events along with putting on community performances. Gymnasts will develop in strength, balance, agility, and flexibility. Competitive gymnastics requires more dedication from both the gymnast and parents. Gymnasts will travel to competitions along with State competitions-if qualified.  Gymnasts are invited to become part of the competitive team during the off-season (May-September).  For more information, please contact the Cutting Edge Staff.


Pre-Team (October - April)

Bronze: Pre-team team is also designed for the gymnast that has completed the progressive program. Due to the competitive team being in competition season the pre team can still practice with the team and learn the competitive routines so they can ready themselves for the competition season.  Gymnasts are able to continue developing new skills on all 4 Olympic events at their own pace and skill level.  Gymnasts are able to remain in this program until we believe they are ready for competition and when they are ready for competition.

This class practices with the competitive team





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